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About research at the RCM

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Research at the Royal College of Music embraces the creative, cultural and scientific study of music. Our thriving community of researchers works on a diverse range of projects in musicology, performance science, music education, composition and performance.

The RCM thrives on research, which directly informs the teaching and learning across the College and beyond. Our research environment facilitates close interaction between musical practice, academic study and research, promoting enquiry, critical reflection and innovation.

Resources & facilities

The RCM is rich in both practical and intellectual resources. Our library and the Royal College of Music Museum manage outstanding collections of priceless musical instruments, composers’ manuscripts and historical documents, which form the basis for a sweeping range of research into the history of music in practice.

These are complemented by our magnificent performance spaces and by RCM Studios, which provide cutting-edge facilities for audio and video recording, super-fast video conferencing and technology-enhanced composition. Plus, we have the most important resource of all – supremely talented musicians eager to participate in bringing music to life.

Research centres

Centre for Performance Science

The Centre for Performance Science is an ambitious collaboration between the Royal College of Music and Imperial College, aimed at tackling major challenges of performance across a wide array of domains. Both institutions are uniquely positioned to undertake this activity, with partnerships spanning the arts, medicine engineering, natural sciences and business.

Our vision is that, by understanding how skilled performers meet the distinctive challenges of their work, often under intense stress and public scrutiny, performance will serve both as a source of inspiration and a rich resource for research.

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You are welcome to get in touch with our research team using the details below. Additional information, including contact points for potential research students and the press, can be found on our Research enquiries page.

Emma Hewett

Research and Knowledge Exchange Manager

+44 (0)20 7591 4734