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The Royal College of Music expects all staff and students to observe the highest ethical and professional standards in their research.

Staff and students engaged in research foster good practice and intellectual integrity in all professional circumstances. Principles emphasised by researchers at all levels are:

  • Care and avoidance of harm
  • Honesty and openness
  • Accountability and appropriate documentation
  • Confidentiality
  • Informed consent
  • Avoidance of conflicts of interest
  • Compliance with the law and relevant codes of conduct
  • Due acknowledgement of collaborators, informants, participants or other contributors

All research involving human participants must have ethical approval. Ethical approval is also required for projects that may not involve human participants but raise other ethical issues in potential social or environmental implications of the study. Those wishing to undertake research involving the participation of other people should adhere to the Conservatoires UK (CUK) Good Research Conduct and Ethics Procedure which is detailed in the documents below. Deadlines for ethical approval can be found on the CUK website.

In accordance with the 'Prevent' responsibilities of higher education bodies, intended to 'prevent' radicalisation/extremism, research students and staff will need to seek approval within their own institution to gain access to electronic or other material related to subjects concerning radicalisation and extremism. Such access will not be withheld where the student or member of staff has good academic reasons to access such material, in accordance with academic freedom principles.

Staff are regularly updated on good research practice. Professor Richard Wistreich, Director of Research, acts as the staff member overseeing research integrity and the first point of contact for anyone wanting more information on matters of research integrity.

The Deputy Director, or in his absence, the Head of HR, acts as confidential liaison for whistleblowers or any other person wishing to raise concerns about the integrity of research being conducted, in accordance with the institutional Whistleblowing policy.

Neta Spiro

Research Fellow in Performance Science

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